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Our Story

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It is our greatest pride to share our story, beginning almost 100 years ago, in the service and hospitality industry right here in the heart of Chicago.


It all began in 1924 when a young immigrant from Italy named Giuseppe Marchetti opened the world-famous Como Inn restaurant on Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago. The iconic establishment grew from a single dining room in the 1920's to a landmark Chicago restaurant with over 1,000 seats and 13 separate banquet rooms, first under the guidance of Giuseppe and his wife Yolanda, and later by their eldest son Joe and his three brothers Larry, Steve, and Paul.

Throughout the years the Como Inn continued to earn recognition for outstanding food in a delightfully familiar atmosphere. The Marchetti family built a name in the city around sharing experiences, sharing meals and sharing stories.


The Marchettis welcomed numerous politicians, entertainers, athletes and locals for an “all walks of life” environment.

Being the son of Italian immigrants, Joe Marchetti had great pride in all things Italian. In addition to his love of Italian food and wine, he also developed a great passion for Italian sports cars--especially Ferraris. So in the late 1970's Joe Marchetti purchased the property that is now Galleria Marchetti to start a classic car business focused mainly on the front engine V12 Ferraris of the 1950's and 1960's that so captured his imagination.


Throughout the late 1970's and 1980's Joe ran International Auto, Ltd. at 825 W. Erie St. while also managing his family's famed Como Inn restaurant. The two businesses were just a stone's throw away from each other and it was not uncommon for good Como Inn customers to come to the Como Inn for lunch and end up leaving with a beautiful classic red Ferrari.


 In the mid-1990's Joe wound down International Auto and renamed the property "Galleria Marchetti" to focus on utilizing the space for special events. At first it functioned as a satellite banquet room for the Como Inn but quickly acquired its own identity as a unique event destination.


In 2002 Joe died after a brave battle with brain cancer and JP Marchetti, the only child of Joe and his wife Mary Jane, took over the business.


In 2007 JP married Corey Smith at Galleria Marchetti. The wedding was filmed as the Wedding Wars episode of Top Chef: Chicago.

JP and Corey continue to own and operate Galleria Marchetti. They welcomed twin sons Matthew and Michael in 2013.


But Galleria Marchetti is not just about the Marchettis. It is also about all of the hard work and dedication of the staff, many of whom have been with Galleria Marchetti and Marchettis for decades. Head chef Enrique "Ricky" Sanchez began working at the Como Inn during the 1960's alongside his father Agustin "Augie" Sanchez. And head banquet captain Jose Padilla first started at the Como Inn in 1971.


Guiseppe Marchetti opens the world famous Como Inn


Giuseppe marries Yolanda Mucci, a cashier at The Como Inn

Joe Marchetti, who will eventually open Galleria Marchetti, is born to Giuseppe and Yolanda

Joe Marchetti purchases 825 W. Erie St to showcase and sell his classic Ferraris

Joseph Marchetti, Chicago Tribune

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